Prices Reduced on Original Watercolors!

Over the past few weeks I have been sifting through all my original watercolors. There are many beloved pieces in my collection of originals, but there are older paintings that need to find their permanent homes. After looking through them all, I felt I needed to clear some of my inventory out to make room for new paintings, so there were more pieces that got price changes as well. These selections include some of my favorite paintings from places I have traveled around the world, as well as Oregon summertime paintings and some beautiful florals and still life pieces. The end result: when looking through my online shop, you will find many prices reduced on original watercolors…over half of them! Some paintings have been repriced with a modest discount of $25, but others will yield savings of up to $175 over the original price. I hope that, after looking through my watercolor offerings, you will find that the ones you love most are the paintings with new, lower prices.

The original prices are no longer shown on the website. However, below is a gallery that will give you a peek at the paintings which have had their prices reduced (viewing the enlarged version in the gallery pages will show you the original price). Beneath is a list of titles in the same order with links to the shop where you can learn more, see the new prices, and make a purchase. Sorry we couldn’t provide the links in the captions…we tried and it caused problems elsewhere on the site.

Lazy Maize: View New Pricing

Summer’s Bloom: View New Pricing

Splendor in Fall: View New Pricing

On the Vine: View New Pricing

Brazen Beets: View New Pricing

Susans on the Wall: View New Pricing

Tea Time II: View New Pricing

Hanging Out in Town: View New Pricing

Krems of Austria: View New Pricing

Luminaries Hung High: View New Pricing

Out to Dry:  View New Pricing

Passing Time: View New Pricing

Peek at Volpaia: View New Pricing

Posies of Panzano: View New Pricing

Tobacco Shed: View New Pricing

Catchin’ Zs: View New Pricing

Gone Fishin’: View New Pricing

On the Water: View New Pricing

Tres Amigas: View New Pricing

Vida Barn: View New Pricing

Harvest: View New Pricing

Some of my giclée prints have had their prices reduced as well. I hope you will enjoy looking through my catalog of watercolor paintings, and that you will find something you’d enjoy hanging in your home or office. Thank you so much for considering a purchase of Linda Abblett Watercolors!