About Linda Abblett

About Linda Abblett

About Linda Abblett : Picture of Linda Abblett, Watercolor Artist I was born in Brooklyn, New York, to an immigrant Italian family, and raised in southern California. I do not remember a time when I was not sketching or doodling or painting. My journey to becoming a watercolor artist began early. My parents’ encouragement and their willingness to make opportunities for me to study in various mediums fostered my love for the arts.

When I moved to Oregon in the 1970s I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Living here is an endless source of inspiration for many of my watercolor paintings. Oregon landscapes and rivers have been a favorite subject, as well as still life, florals and architecture. Another source of inspiration is traveling with my husband. We love Italy, the place of my family’s roots. I find the rich textures and colors of old world cultures, as well as the people, wonderful subjects to paint. It was here in Oregon that I was introduced to watercolors. I’ve had the privilege of learning under the instruction of accomplished watercolorists like Lavonne Tarbox-Crone, Judy Morris and Margaret Godfrey. These wonderful artists have inspired and nurtured me, but above all I want to acknowledge that my abilities are a gift of the Creator, whose beautiful masterpieces cannot be rivaled.

Watercolor Society of Oregon logoI have been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 2004. ~ Linda Abblett Thank you for your interest in learning more about Linda Abblett!

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