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Greetings and Welcome!

From florals and still life paintings to landscapes from near and far and impressions of her travels around the world, and even miniature watercolor paintings, Linda Abblett has created a body of work painted with exquisite attention to detail and natural color palettes that most anyone would find pleasing to the eye and uplifting to the spirit. Nearly every painting is distinguished by Abblett’s signature use of strong shadows to define the play of light, space, and time along with the painting’s subject. Along with gorgeous paintings of covered bridges, Linda has even created paintings that would be perfect for the man-cave of your favorite guy who loves to fish ~ Several paintings depicting fishing / fly-fishing on Oregon’s McKenzie River appear in her McKenzie River Inspirations gallery.


Linda’s travels inspire some of her most exciting work. Linda’s eye seeks out both magnificent views and vignettes of everyday scenes. The impressions her visits to Hong Kong, Italy, Austria and the United States have left on the artist yield paintings with sun-drenched color, dramatic play of light, and even a touch of humor that let you “visit” these places as if you walked those streets yourself. Click to see the entire collection of Travels paintings by Linda Abblett Watercolors.


Linda Abblett’s florals show the delicate touch this talented artist has with watercolors and brush. Paintings of flowers and other flora by Abblett’s skilled hand add brightness, a peaceful atmosphere, and beauty to any room in your home or professional office. Click the image to view Linda’s gallery of floral paintings.

Still Life Paintings

Every artist develops their own style in still life paintings. Linda’s paintings reflect her eye for color and form with a rustic flair, highlighting the beauty in things we might see every day. Fiesta ware, the kitchen table, fruits and vegetables take on a whole new life and meaning through Linda Abblett’s brush. Click to see the entire collection of still life paintings by Linda Abblett.

McKenzie River Inspirations

Summer vacations at Oregon’s McKenzie River have inspired many of Linda Abblett’s watercolor paintings. Her McKenzie River-inspired watercolors are filled with warm sentiment, summer sun, fishing scenes and beautiful views of the river, its covered bridge, and surrounding landscape. A wonderful reminder of that perfect summer in Oregon!

Landscapes & Scenery

Landscapes in watercolor by Linda Abblett are a wonderful way to keep a little piece of beautiful Oregon in your home. From classic covered bridges and waterfalls to log homes and lush forests, Linda has painted an Oregon landscape in every season that you or someone you love will treasure forever.


Miniature paintings show you the true level of an artist’s skill and versatility. to qualify as a miniature, they must exhibit a fineness of detail that rivals those seen in larger paintings. This is a very challenging feat, often making miniature paintings as valuable as their larger counterparts. Click to see the entire collection of miniature paintings by Linda Abblett Watercolors.

Connect with Linda

Have a question about Linda Abblett Watercolors or want more information? Contact Linda with the form below! Linda teaches watercolor painting classes for beginning to advanced artists in her Eagle Point home studio on Mondays from 10am–3pm. Linda’s Watercolor Painting Sessions are only $30! Contact Linda today for more information and to sign up.

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